A Creative Partnership

Genevieve and Peter were both born in Queensland.

Prior to joining forces we worked solo in Europe, Canada and Africa. Eventually the allure of Queensland fruit and fauna brought us back to Brisbane and in 2008, we partnered to create the Design Bordello.

We treat our clients with the same respect, trust and loyalty with which we treat our friends. Many of our clients have been working with us for over a decade. And we gosh darn adore them.

We are wonderfully complementary in both skills and experience;
Good design requires the logic and the chaos.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Have you not met Cass?

But seriously, some people love sports, other people love cats – to each their own.

We’ve patted a lot of stray cats in a lot of countries together… let’s call it Team Building.

There’s a good chance we can. We often repair or alter props and costumes that have been recycled / purchased and need modifications. Send us an email with a photo of the item in question, or make an appointment to come by our shoffice.

There are many reasons, but partly because Pete understands that sometimes toast deserves a full half hour.

We are not a firm. We are way too squishy for that.

However, we can highly recommend Bones Accounting.