We do a variety of design work for
artists, productions, small businesses,
and other agreeable humans.

Set Design & Construction

With more than twenty years design experience in the performing arts, we have created sets in snow-laden Canadian forests, abandoned African hotels, dodgy Brixton backstreets and occasional swank studios.

We are research heavy and love to create layers of meaning within our work: the materials we source are story specific and usually bring their own relevant history to the mix. We practice sustainable set construction and use upcycled and recycled materials wherever possible, with end-of-life consideration.

We create with a lot of care, detail, and probably too much love.

Prop Making & Sourcing

If you are designing a production or event and you need a unique item, please get in touch. We can also repair and/or alter items you already have.

You might need a 6ft robot;
or a crayon ponyfish;
or a harmonium;
or a cardboard city;
or a heart piñata;
or a painted backdrop;
or a life size party horse;

You never know.

Graphic Design & Print

All the pretty things including:

  • website design and management
  • posters, postcards and programmes
  • business cards and stationery
  • signage, t-shirts, totes, tangibles
  • stamps, stickers and other little cuties

Sound Design & Composition

Peter is a multi-instrumentalist, having arranged and performed live music for the past twenty years. He has designed sound for theatre productions including: The Curators’ TheatreThe Third Beauty, Shakespeare’s Women (2018) and Uncle Vanya (2017), Dog Spoon A Coupla Dogs (Brisbane Festival, 2018). Peter composed and arranged music for The Timekeeper’s Opus (Pentimento Productions, 2017), and Oberon (heartBeast, 2011). He arranged and performed keyboards, upright bass and sound for Awesome Ocean Party with Giema Contini (Wonderland Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, 2019).

Costume Design & Creation

If you already have an idea in your head, we can help you bring that idea to life. If you don’t already have one, let’s find it together.

As with props, if you are designing a production or event and you need something extra special sourced and/or created, sing out. Our hunting and modification skills are scarily Predatory